My Favourite Cape Town Summer Activities

Although I’m very much hoping the wetness of winter will remain in Cape Town throughout summer, I am so excited that the warmer weather is starting to kick in and the chilliness of winter is finally starting to lift. Summer in Cape Town is just the best and since I can’t wait to make the most of all the sunshine, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite summer time activities. Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for some inspiration, I hope this post makes you excited for the gorgey summer months headed our way!


A walk on the promenade

Sea Point promenade is one of my favourite places in Cape Town. I love that it’s such a communal space, attracting a huge range of people and plenty of dogs – which is always a bonus. The long walkway is always a hub of activity, dotted with people running, cycling, strolling and taking in the gorgeous views. Hiring one of the famous orange bikes is always fun and it’s also a pretty great picnic spot, but simply walking along the promenade is probably my favourite thing to do here!

A beach day

What would summer in Cape Town be without plenty of beach visits? I find tanning a bit boring, so I’m always a fan of going in a group and chatting away – spending plenty of time in the water and maybe even playing a few games. Although Camps Bay and Clifton are great, my fave beaches are actually in Simon’s Town. The water is quite a bit warmer, meaning I can have a long, leisurely swim without losing the feeling in my feet.

An ice-cream outing

I mean let’s be real – ice-cream is great at any time of year, but somehow a hot day just makes it taste that much better. The Creamery is definitely my ice-cream spot of choice, but there’s a special spot in my heart for granadilla lollies, rolo ice-creams and soleros alongside a plethora of others. I’m also really looking forward to heading over to the Dairy Den and Cookies and Cream this summer to try out their epic ice-cream creations.

A picnic at Kirstenbosch

An oldie but a goodie – you can just never go wrong with a picnic at Kirstenbosch. Whether I head over there for lunch date with Luke or with a group of friends on a Sunday evening for a concert, there’s just something so magical about chilling out in the beautiful botanical gardens with some delicious snacks. Last summer, I also went to one of the Galileo Open Air Cinema movie screenings at Kirstenbosch and it was FAB – I can’t wait to go to more over the next few months. It’s such a cool idea and I love that it makes movie-watching so summer appropriate.

An adventure to Kalk Bay

Another one of my absolutely favourite areas in Cape Town, no summer is quite the same for me without a few trips to Kalk Bay. I love walking down the main road, stopping to browse in all the cutesy boutiques along the way. There are so many great restaurants located here as well, so a bite to eat is essential. Kalk Bay is also home to the Dalebrook tidal pool which is another one of my absolute favourite swimming spots – if you’ve never been there, you have to head out there early one summer morning. It’s just beaut.

A braai gathering

Although I’m a pescatarian, summer just wouldn’t be the same without plenty of braais. I love the smells, nostalgia and vibe of a braai – it always reminds me of my childhood and I think that’s why I love them even though I don’t eat meat. Chilling with family and friends outside on a warm, still summer evening with the smell of fire in the air is just the epitome of a South African summer to me.


Yay! I’m so excited for summer to arrive in full force.

A x

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