Four Reasons Why Everyone Needs to See The 2017 Banff International Mountain Film Festival

The first time Luke invited me to watch the Banff International Mountain Film Festival way back in 2012 I was definitely skeptical… I could see why a bunch of short films focused on outdoor sports would be appealing to him, but I wasn’t sure they’d have the same effect on me… I couldn’t have been more wrong! I enjoyed it so much that I’ve watched the festival each year since then – I guess it’s become an unintentional tradition. This year, Luke and I were lucky enough to attend an early screening of the festival at a very cool event hosted by Cape Union Mart a few weeks ago (hence the hilariously awkward feature image of this post) and ever since then I’ve been waiting to gush about how cool it was, so that’s exactly what I’m doing in this post. Here’s why you should go and watch the 2017 Banff Film Festival:

1.It’s inspiring

If you’re a photographer and/or videographer (or you enjoy either of these two mediums), I can pretty much guarantee that you will leave the cinema feeling inspired to get out and capture cool content, try a new editing style or create that cool project that you’ve always wanted to create. But this festival doesn’t only inspire creativity, I think it inspires adventure just as much. I always leave feeling motivated to explore and experience nature which I think is reason enough to go and see it – we can all do with some positive motivation!

2. It’s something a bit different

Going to watch this festival is such a great activity – it’s cool and unique, completely different from the usual movie experience. The films are interesting and entertaining and you can go with pretty much anyone – even kids.

3. It’s fascinating

Unsurprisingly, most of the films are beautifully made and super entertaining, but many of them are also incredibly interesting. Because they focus on different outdoor (and often extreme) sports, you learn so much about several different topics. The films let you take a peek into the worlds of professional athletes, they teach you to appreciate and understand unusual sports and they showcase so many beautiful areas of the world; they really are fascinating to watch.  

4. The films are v cool so just go and watch them!

The festival is screening at a variety of Ster Kinekor cinemas from the 3rd-12th of November. If you go, please do let me know what you think. I’d love to know. Happy watching 🙂


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