A Few of My Favourite Bloggers

I have always loved reading. Even before I could do it myself, having my parents read to me was one of my favourite things as I child. Of course, my love of books and reading grew exponentially when I read the first Harry Potter book and it’s been engrained in me ever since. Although I still have a deep love for books (Harry Potter in particular), I now do a lot of reading online. As a wannabe blogger, I don’t only love writing blog posts, I love reading them as well. Over the past few months, I’ve found quite a collection of lovely blogs that I read all the time, so I thought I’d share some of my faves with you today. Just in case you’re interested.


Poppy Deyes

I love absolutely everything about Poppy’s blog. Her photography, styling and blog design as a whole are all so beautiful – I’d love for my own blog to look a lot like this one day. Visually, she’s a huge inspiration for me, but I also find her content right up my street. I mean food, travel and lifestyle are my favourite topics to write and read about so no surprises there. Her writing style in general is another thing I love about her blog– it’s so real and playful and it always reminds me not to take writing for my blog too seriously.

Kate La Vie

Again, Kate’s blog is one of my fave’s visually. The design is clean and her photography is absolutely beautiful. But what I love most about this blog is Kate’s interior content. Her apartment is sooo beautiful (seriously, check out her Instagram) and she’s always posting interior design tips and inspo which I absolutely love and will definitely be re-reading when Luke and I move into our own place someday.

The Anna Edit 

This is a great blog to follow for a little bit of everything. With beauty, style, fitness, food and lifestyle posts in general, I really enjoy the variety of Anna’s blog. But what I love most about it is her writing style – it’s light and humorous, but thought out and well written as well. Also, she connects her posts to her YouTube videos which I really like!

Taylor Made Blog

In terms of local bloggers, I really enjoy Le’Chelle’s blog for anything and everything beauty related. I actually interviewed Le’Chelle about two years ago for a journalism project and she was so helpful and lovely that I’ve been following her ever since. I trust her opinions and it’s really cool to know that most of the things she speaks about are easily available to us here in SA, something that you don’t really get with foreign bloggers. Also, her flat lays are stunning. So there’s that, too!

Tails of a Mermaid

This is deffos my fave travel blog at the moment – and it’s not just because Natalie is South African and a past KTV presenter! I find the content on Tails Of A Mermaid to be the perfect balance between useful, personal and inspirational. The photography is beautiful and Natalie’s writing is insightful, laden with helpful tips. Of course it helps that Natalie seems to be in a new, beautiful location every week, but it’s what she pulls from her travels that I really enjoy. Also, her blog features both local and international content, which is ideal for fellow South Africans – Capetonians in particular.


That’s all for now – my rambly list has come to an end! One last thing, I use the website Bloglovin’ to keep up with all my favourite blogs. I find it super useful because it means I don’t have to go to each individual blog to see what’s new – all the new posts are curated for me on my own home page. If you love blogs, I’d highly recommend checking it out.


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