Sunday Funday in the Flowers

I love a good Sunday morning chill out. Lazy lie ins, cosy cuddles and late breakfasts are all kinds of wonderful… particularly when it’s cold and miserable outside. After weeks of lazy wintery Sundays I was super excited at the prospect of a Sunday filled with sunny adventures, so when Luke’s Mom invited us to visit the West Coast flowers we jumped at the opportunity… even though it meant sacrificing a morning free of alarms. Warm weather, lovely company and exquisite views made this funday one of my faves ever. I couldn’t think of a better way to revel in the arrival of Spring. I think you should all head over to the West Coast National Park pronto for a Sunday funday spent foliking in the flowers. Here’s why…


It’s bloomin’ gorgeous

The number one reason why I am gushing about our flower mission last Sunday is because the park really is so beautiful at the moment. Picturesque floral carpets cover the landscape and pop up around almost every corner. Although there may not be as many flowers as usual because of the drought, the sight of hundreds of multi-coloured flowers opening up to worship the spring sun is still just as stunning. Don’t let the drought rumours put you off – there’s still plenty of beauty to appreciate this year.


It’s so close

About an hour away from Cape Town, the West Coast National Park is the perfect day-trip destination. The flowers close at night and only open up again around mid-morning when the sun relatively high so you don’t have to head off too early. We arrived at the park just before 10am, which turned out to be perfect as it gives you a good few hours to explore before lunch. I’d suggest packing a picnic to munch on somewhere in the park or even at the lagoon. We took our time exploring the park and walking along the beach and still made it back before 4pm – so ideal.


The photographs

Fields of purple, yellow, orange and white flowers are seriously Instagrammable. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting you go on this adventure purely to have an A+ Instagram story, but the photogenic landscapes are a mega plus, especially for creatives and keen photographers.


The lagoon

Okay so technically this doesn’t have anything to do with the park or its flowers, but paddling in the Langebaan lagoon was just such a lovely end to our day on the West Coast I had to mention it. Granted, we were lucky to have absolutely perfect weather… it really felt like the beginning of spring! Still in my wintery habits, I didn’t bring my cozzie, so I settled for strolling along the beach while Luke’s mom had a magical swim in the clear blue water. Learn from my mistakes and be sure to end off your spring adventure with a dip.


If this sounds all to appealing, you’d better hurry along as the flowers won’t be there to welcome you for much longer. Pack a picnic, grab some friends or family and go appreciate the beauty of the West Coast!

*All the drone images/the photographs of me are taken by Luke Bell.



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